LabelCalc’s Expert Consultants Can Create or Review Your Nutrition Labels

Creating your own nutrition facts panels can be a refreshing change—especially if you’ve previously used cumbersome software or pay-by-the-change consultants or laboratories. However, you might be wondering whether your new labels will actually comply with FDA regulations.

If you’re curious, you can ask LabelCalc’s experienced staff to review your nutrition labels—whether you’re a LabelCalc customer or not! Our consultants will evaluate your recipes for the following:

  • Format: We will verify that your labels meet FDA requirements for label formatting in your state.
  • Nutrient Content: We will analyze your recipes for nutritional value.
  • Regulation Compliance: We will review your entire label and ensure that each part provides all required information for FDA-approval in your state.

To make things simpler, we’ve delineated our consulting services into the three plans below. Decide which option is best for you, and contact us directly to sign up. We’ll discuss the scope of your project and estimate the hours of work required before providing you with a comprehensive quote. Our expert consultants are ready to help you succeed in creating accurate and cost-effective nutrition facts panels.

Insider Label Review

Already a LabelCalc customer but want someone to review your newly-created labels? At your request, one of LabelCalc’s expert consultants will:

  • Review the ingredients you’ve already entered.
  • Confirm that the supplier’s ingredient information entered into LabelCalc matches supplier spec sheets.
  • Review the final weights, units of measure, serving sizes, and servings per container for each product.
  • Assist with FDA compliance by thoroughly evaluating your entire label for content and format as well as answering any questions you may have about pertinent regulations.

New Client Label Compliance Review

Not yet a LabelCalc customer but want some extra help with your existing nutrition labels and packaging? Our experts will review your non-LabelCalc product nutrition facts panels and packaging for FDA compliance relating to:

  • Formatting
  • Correct nutrient listings
  • Value disclosure

Package review services run around $200-$350 per product depending on the complexity of packaging.  Please contact us to learn more.

Complete Nutrition Analysis

If you’d prefer to hand your labeling project over to our expert consultants, then this is the plan for you! We’ll create your labels, evaluate for best practices and FDA compliance, and return your completed labels to you through your LabelCalc account. Please see LabelCalc’s plan page for further details on this option.

FoodCALC® Expert Consulting lets you hand the reins over to a dedicated expert for any portion of your nutrition analysis needs. If you’re interested in getting started with LabelCalc to create nutrition labels for your food products, check out our pricing plans. If you’re ready to dive into our consulting services—whether you’re already a LabelCalc customer or not—feel free to contact us to discuss your nutrition analysis goals.

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