Access LabelCalc’s Innovative Software with Three Pricing Plans

We designed our software specifically for food manufacturers.  Combined with the following the FDA requirements, our industry leading software is easy to use, comprehensive and affordable.

LabelCalc is your one-stop tool for calculating the nutritional values of your products, and creating compliant Nutrition Facts Labels.  See what’s included below:

  • FDA-approved nutrition analysis with Serving Sizes
  • 18,000+ ingredient database
  • Instant nutrition analysis, allergen statements, and ingredient statements
  • Customizable Nutrition labels with multiple FDA-approved layouts
  • New FDA formatted labels
  • New FDA required Added Sugars and Serving Size calculations
  • Unlimited printing and downloading of your FDA Nutrition Facts labels
  • No Time Limit – Do At Your Own Pace
  • Username and Password protected
  • No CD-Rom to have to wait for and install
  • Unlimited recipe storage
  • Secure and safe backup of your recipes and labels

Pricing Options To Fit Every Budget and Company Size:

    $225/ Per Product*
    • Perfect for first-time food producers and smaller companies just getting started
    • Instant Nutrition Analysis (Calories, Fat, Sodium, etc.)
    • Pay As You Go (purchase access for one product at a time as you create new products)
    • Access all of our FDA Nutrition Facts Label formats
    • Unlimited printing and downloading of your labels
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    $3,250/ Unlimited
    • Designed for larger companies, with multiple formulas and recipe testing needs
    • Enjoy creating unlimited products and label downloads for 1 year (renew or go per label on subsequent years)
    • Unlimited formula creation and modifications
    • Unlimited users for you and your staff
    • Instant Nutrition Analysis (Calories, Fat, Sodium, etc.)
    • Access all of our FDA Nutrition Facts Label formats
    • Comes with a dedicated account support team member, and a live tutorial of your account with your recipes.
    $345/ Per Product*
    • Send your ingredients to one of our expert consultants
    • Recipe Confidentiality assured
    • We’ll create your FDA Nutrition Facts labels in any of these formats
    • 1-2 day turnaround of your results and labels
    • Unlimited printing and downloads of your labels when we’re finished

*Per Analysis is the instant nutrition analysis and FDA-compliant label for one recipe. This includes unlimited downloads of your label in your choice of image formats. You can always preview your label prior to completing your recipe.

LabelCalc is an online nutrition analysis software that allows food manufacturers to create instant nutrition facts panels that are FDA-approved and cost-effective. No waiting for lab results, no cumbersome CD-Rom installation, and no restriction on recipe modifications.

We’ve designed three pricing plans that accommodate a wide range of clients, from first-time food producers with one product, to large-scale, multi-products food manufacturing companies. Regardless of the specific plan you choose, you will have unlimited downloads of your labels once you are finished, and in all cases, LabelCalc helps you get your product to market in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost.

FDA-approved nutrition analysis

USDA-compiled ingredient database

Instant content claims, allergen statements, and weighted-order ingredients

Customizable labels with multiple FDA-approved layouts

New FDA formatted labels due on shelves 2018

New FDA required Added Sugars and Serving Size calculations

Results per batch or per serving

Unlimited downloads of your nutrition facts panel

Personal ingredients incorporated quickly and easily

Unlimited recipe modification

Storage of your recipe(s) in your Product Library

Multiple user access to your LabelCalc account

Have more questions about LabelCalc before you jump in? No problem! Check out our FAQ page to find the answers to our most commonly asked client questions or reach out to us directly.

If you’re looking for help making sure your self-created labels are FDA-compliant, LabelCalc’s expert consultants can assist you with label review. Even if you don’t have a LabelCalc account, you can access as little or as much consulting advice as you wish. Learn more about our consulting services to determine the extent to which you’d like to work together toward simpler, more efficient nutrition analysis.  

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