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LabelCalc Analysis Features

LabelCalc® is the only web-based online application that was created to analyze nutritional values for food products and generate FDA-compliant Fact Panel Labels. Our clients use our easy-to-use system by entering their ingredients and serving sizes for their food products. Users then receive an accurate nutritional analysis of their food product and also receive a fully FDA-compliant fact panel label available in all approved format sizes for emailing, saving to your computer and printing.
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  • Designed specifically for food manufacturers and retailers
    LabelCalcĀ® was designed exclusively for food manufacturers and retailers. Our application has been streamlined by our registered Dietitians and experts to make it easy and intuitive as possible. We also provide online tutorials, demos and help center to guide you through the process. Have your product analyzed in minutes and print FDA-compliant fact panel labels immediately after.
  • Web-based system means no cumbersome software to install
    With everything online, all you need is a computer with Internet access. There is no software to install. Access LabelCalc© at any time from any computer.
  • Instant nutritional results
    Create a recipe analysis and instantaneously get your nutrition results. Includes both unrounded and FDA-rounding rules results and FDA content claims.
  • Voluntary Nutrient Information
    Ability to add additional voluntary nutrients on your nutrition label (where data available).
  • FDA-Compliant Nutrition Facts Panel
    Instantly receive your FDA-Compliant Nutrition Facts Panel Label. Available in 5 approved standard formats with options for abbreviated listings and footnotes. Click here to see different label formats.
  • Download your FDA Facts Panel
    Once you have completed your analysis and selecting your label format, you have the option of immediately downloading your FDA-compliant label in three popular image formats (jpeg, tiff and bmp). Download and send your label image off to the printers or to your package designer.
  • Download your Ingredient Statement
    You will be able to download your weighted-order ingredient statement in a standard WORD document.
  • Allergen Identification
    Ability to specify allergen warnings for each products.
  • Export your nutrition results
    Download your nutrition results in EXCEL and CSV formats, summary reports in WORD or email, etc.
  • Recipe and analysis storage
    Our product library feature allows you to keep all your recipes and analysis results in one easy to find place.
  • Searchable USDA ingredient database
    Our searchable extensive database of ingredients can be searched by keyword. We've made it as streamline and straightforward as possible to find the ingredients you need for your recipe analysis.
  • Enter your own supplier ingredients
    We provide an easy to use tool for entering your own supplier ingredients that may not be in our database. Add a supplier ingredient in less than a minute and use it immediately in your recipes.
  • Save recipes as ingredients
    Create new ingredients from an existing recipe that you can add to new recipes. Great for using an existing common recipe like a base sauce you've already analyzed for new recipes.
  • Duplicate Recipe feature
    Immediately duplicate a product for similar recipes, don't redo an entire recipe ever again.
  • Nutrient Content Claims Analyzer
    LabelCalc® includes a content claims analyzer that allows you to quickly determine whether your products qualify for FDA-approved Nutrient Content Claims by displaying approved claim results for each nutrient. There are 24 total claims, including low sodium, low-fat, and reduced calories.
  • Nutrient comparison tool
    Find out how each ingredient in your recipe contributes nutritionally to the overall values.
  • Disaster backup & recovery
    All your recipes are backed-up daily in the event of a disaster with our servers. Always feel safe knowing that your recipes are safe with us.
  • Secure and Confidential
    Security is our top priority. Every LabelCalc® account is secure. Each ingredient is encrypted with an indecipherable code that is inaccesssible to both our team or outside personnel. If you decide to request LabelCalcĀ® staff to review or create your nutrition label, please refer to our confidentiality agreement.